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Lizzie Fitch / Ryan Trecartin, Freedom Wake, 2015
Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin
Freedom Wake, 2015
zip ties, 'S-Binder' clips, plastic clips, metal pipe, cord locks, red wine, denim shoe, key ring, denim fabric, denim button-down shirt, denim hip-hugger skinny jeans, polyester rope, acrylic paint, spray paint, epoxy, plastic, foam, dog toy penguin, plastic ring trash, leather dog collar, denim hat, burlap basket, dolly, underwear, staples, screws, wood, plastic measuring cups, wire, 'USA' scarf, bandana, backpack, paper, decorative craft paper, alphabet stickers, ribbon, thread, stuffing, safety pins, sewing pins, tomato garden stake, sea punk wig, wig, boat bungee 'Airhead,' casters, steel, decoy duck, feathers, 'Plasti-Dip' rubber coating, metal, 'AAA Automobile Club of Southern California' stickers