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Lizzie Fitch / Ryan Trecartin, Game Ampersand, 2015
Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin
Game Ampersand, 2015
gaming chair, plaster strips, bond, epoxy, spray paint, safety pins, steel casters, plastic, pillow, paper towel racks, plastic bone, hair clips, tire dog toy and bell, dog poop collection bag dispenser, decorative burlap wraps, dog leash, model landscaping foam moss, craft store gravel, cut garden boats, panty hose, panty hose socks, foam, plastic, wire, dog bone biscuits, dog bone circles, zip ties, 'Burbank' sun hat, cork tape, hair extension, decorative sea sponge, decorative burlap flowers, safety pins, hemp ropes, craft string, swimming goggles, rubber bracelet, ribbon, straw, plastic palm tree, flower pot holder, wrist brace, hand brace, hernia brace pad, chicken wire, plastic cactus, gaffer's tape, rope, fake antler, ampersand